Therapy with Deb:

Everyone can benefit from therapy.  Do you desire a reduction in daily stress?  Do you feel overwhelmed by relationships, finances, commitments and responsibilities?  Stress is a part of our daily lives.  Although it is unavoidable, it can be reduced and managed.  I can work with you to explore ways to reduce and manage stress. Anxiety and depression often accompany stress.  If you suffer from depression and anxiety, we will work together to manage these.  My goal is to help empower clients to live happier, more fulfilling lives.  I use a Cognitive Behavioral framework for therapy but individualize my approach to each client based on their personality and preference.  My clients can count on a safe and trusting environment to explore who they are, what they want in life and a plan for how to get there.

About Deb:

Deb Kusluski is a fully licensed LMSW (Licensed Masters Social Worker) practicing in Ann Arbor. Deb has a Master of Science degree in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Oakland University.

Deb’s focus is on helping people improve their daily lives and reduce and manage stress that may stem from difficulties with their job, personal finances, family or friends, college, or any other source.  Deb understands that everyone needs help from time to time.  She provides a caring and calm setting for clients to get the support they need.

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