Clinician Interview – Meet Deb Kusluski!

Clinician Interview – Meet Deb Kusluski!

Clinician Interview – Meet Deb Kusluski!

Deb Kusluski, LMSW

Interview with Deb Kusluski

Check out our interview with therapist, Deb Kusluski. Deb practices at Identity Counseling Psychology PLLC in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is currently taking new clients.

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in financial wellness and reducing stress related to personal finances, as well as managing stress that may stem from difficulties with a person’s job, college life, family, friends or any other source.

What made you want to become a therapist?

Often people would tell me I’m easy to talk to and they would talk to me about their problems on a regular basis.  It was gratifying to be approached by family, friends and coworkers who trusted me with their daily problems and life stress.  I eventually decided to gain the formal education and experience needed to help people in a professional setting.

What can clients expect when they first come to therapy? What is a typical session like with you?

People coming to me for therapy can expect a safe and collaborative environment where they can share their feelings, worries and fears without being judged.  Clients can expect validation regarding what they share in sessions with me. Therapy is personalized to each client. For example, some clients prefer sessions where they can talk and be understood but may not want to follow an agenda or work on goals.  Others may prefer a more structured session with goals and “homework” they can work on between sessions. In all sessions, the therapeutic relationship is a supportive and motivational one, where clients are free to discuss anything in a friendly and emotionally safe environment.

How have you seen therapy benefit your clients?

Therapy is beneficial when clients feel validated and understood.  Being understood is a basic human need that we don’t always receive from those around us.  My clients benefit in therapy by being able to reduce frustration caused by not being heard or understood.  Clients often feel more positive after counseling sessions and find an increase in their ability to manage daily stress and decrease uncertainty, depression and anxiety.

What do you think are the most important considerations when looking for a therapist?

Some people find the first therapist (or even the second or third therapist) is not the best fit for them.  This can be frustrating, especially when you’ve searched for someone who specializes in the issues affecting your life. If this occurs, don’t give up.  It can be hard to be persistent when you are suffering from depression, anxiety or other issues but once you find the right therapist, it will be worth your persistence.  You will know when you find the right therapist by the rapport you feel with them and the level of trust you feel. As therapy progresses, you will experience improved emotional well being and this is a sign that the therapist is a good match for you.

What do you hope your clients walk away with?

I hope my clients will feel that each session is a safe environment to explore their issues, who they are, and what they want in life.  I want my clients to come away from each session feeling they can better manage their stress and relationships and feel that they are more understood and supported after our time together.

Visit Deb’s profile to learn more about her, or to schedule an intake today.

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