Overview of Psychological Assessments

Having difficulties in school, problems focusing at work, issues with social relationships (like social anxiety, personality disorders, and other psychological disorders) can be incredibly frustrating. It can be frustrating for parents, adolescents, adults, and partners. Having a formal psychological assessment completed by Identity Counseling Psychology (in Ann Arbor, MI) can be a piece of the puzzle in discovering why you are struggling. 

Psychological testing involves identifying the referral question and determining the information necessary to answer that question. The reasons for evaluations vary, but often include problems with functioning at work, school or interpersonally with others. The testing materials and assessment tools are selected based on the initial assessment interview; the selection is intended to maximize the validity and reliability of the results, which often means including multiple sources and methods of measurement, while minimizing time and cost.

Having a psychological assessment might seem like it would feel intrusive and judgmental, however, at Identity Counseling Psychology, we believe in establishing a trusting alliance with our clients throughout the assessment process so that it will feel helpful and not harmful.

ADHD Testing in Ann Arbor, MI

The most common psychological assessment at Identity Counseling Psychology is the ADHD assessment. This type of assessment has the goal of determining whether the person meets the diagnostic criteria for Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder based on the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 5 (DSM-5).

General Psychological Evaluation in Ann Arbor, MI

Identity Counseling Psychology also offers a general psychological evaluation. This begins with a clinical interview, followed by the implementation of a client-specific testing plan based on the individual’s needs. Diagnosis is considered based on the DSM-5. The testing and clinical interview are integrated into a comprehensive psychological report, which is reviewed with the client during the final feedback session. The client will walk away with a better idea of what they are dealing with, and recommendations for what to do next.

How Does a Psychological Assessment Work?

Here is a typical schedule for a psychological assessment:

  • Initial assessment interview (1-2 one hour sessions)
    • Identify referring question that testing will address
    • Determine whether psychological testing could be beneficial
    • Gather relevant background information
    • Schedule testing appointments and feedback session
    • Review billing of psychological testing
  • Testing appointments (2-3 two hour sessions)
    • Conduct individualized testing and complete self-report measures
    • Distribute parent, teacher, and/or observer rating measures (if applicable)
  • Feedback session (1 hour session)
    • Review testing results, interpretation, and recommendations
    • Complete release of information forms for report distribution (if necessary)


How Do I Schedule a Psychological Assessment?

If you would like to learn more about psychological assessment options, or if you are in need of a psychological assessment, call or text Identity Counseling Psychology at (734) 645-8944. You can also send an email to: contact@identityannarbor.com

Identity Counseling Psychology is located at 2350 Washtenaw Ave in Ann Arbor, MI. We are a couple doors down from Bearclaw Coffee, and not too far from Trader Joe’s on Stadium Blvd.