Tim Wilkins Consulting

Tim Wilkins is a psychotherapist, teacher, engineer, and consultant. Tim offers consulting in the following specialty areas:

Therapy Private Practice Consulting

Having built a successful private practice, Tim works with people who aspire to establish their own mental health private practice. Common focus areas during consulting with Tim:

  • Where do I start? How do I establish a practice in the first place?
  • How do I market my practice?
  • How do I figure out my specialty, and how do I communicate that to people?
  • How do I set up efficient systems?
  • What makes me different than any other private practice in my area?

Corporate Training Consulting

Leveraging his background in Mechanical Engineering and Psychology, Tim helps managers learn how to establish healthy, enduring, productive working relationships with their staff. Here are some of the highlights from Tim’s training program:

  • How To Work With Different Personalities
  • How To Keep My Staff Motivated and Retained
  • How To Work With a Multicultural Staff


Are you interested in hiring Tim for a consulting need? Please fill out the contact sheet below: