Overview of the Sports Psychology Program at IDENTITY

Sports Psychology is the study of how psychological factors affect performance. The Sports Psychology program at Identity Counseling Psychology attempts to understand the psychological factors that may be limiting a person’s physical performance.

Who is the Sports Psychology Program for?

The Sports Psychology program is geared toward high school and collegiate athletes who have all the tools to be great, but for some reason encounter barriers preventing them from reaching their full potential. You’ve put in the hours practicing, you’ve put in the work, yet there’s something blocking you from getting to that next level.

How does the Sports Psychology Program work?

The program is rooted in the belief that the human mind and human body are intricately interwoven to form the fabric of who we are. If our mind isn’t functioning like we want it to, our body can’t either.

The Sports Psychology program is tailored to the individual, and sets ultimate goals of developing a plan to attain optimum physical performance through exploring the hidden psychological pathways of the human psyche.

What will the Sports Psychology Program look like?

The Sports Psychology program usually lasts roughly 6-10 one hour sessions, though longer or shorter programs are available based on individual needs.

The program starts by learning more about you and who you are. It is important to understand how you got to this point in your athletic career, as well as how you got to this point in time in your journey as a human. We will discuss your training up to this point, and review your performance and any concerns you have.

The program then sets out to identify specific barriers and blocks. Something is holding you back, and it can be helpful to name it. Once barriers and blocks are identified, we will work collectively (client and counselor) on a specific plan for athletic growth and development.

It is imperative to keep in mind that this work is done with the assumption that the human mind and the human body are intimately intertwined, and that they exist uniformly, co-hosting where your spirit resides.

How do I get started with the Sports Psychology Program?

If you want to talk about this program further, or if you are interested in Sports Psychology services, call or text Identity Counseling Psychology at (734) 645-8944. You can also send an email to: contact@identityannarbor.com