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Helping adults, teens, and families manage anxiety and depression, heal from grief and trauma, and grow through life transitions

Therapists at IDENTITY

Hi, I’m Nicole! 

My passion is to help you …

Cope with depression

Go from stuck to unstuck

Manage your anxiety

… so you can live a more satisfying and fulfilling life! 


Hi, I’m Ariana! 

My passion is to help you …

Grow through life transitions

Heal from grief and pain

Improve and foster healthy relationships

… offering you a safe space to promote wellbeing and a fullness of life! 


Hi, I’m Lauren!

My passion is to help you …

Develop self-awareness

Transform the relationship with your thoughts and feelings

Learn skills to cope with distress

… so you can grow and achieve your full potential!


Hi, I’m Danielle!


My passion is to help you…

Deepen your relationships

Process past experiences 

Explore your challenges and strengths

…so you can develop a stronger sense of self and find your purpose!


Hi, I’m Tim!

My passion is to help you …

Manage your anxiety 

Discover your true identity

Navigate relationship issues

… so you can live a more meaningful, fulfilling and inspired life!


Hi, I’m Joe!


My passion is to help you…

Improve your relationships

Find freedom from addiction

Manage your recovery

…so you can restore calm and balance to your life!



Are you looking for a Licensed Counselor, Psychotherapist, or Psychologist in Ann Arbor, MI?

Counseling and Psychotherapy for Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Transitions, and Relationship Issues,

Maybe you find yourself stuck in life, not knowing which direction to go or where to start…

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IDENTITY Counseling Psychology PLLC is a counseling and psychotherapy private practice in Ann Arbor, MI. At IDENTITY, we are passionate about helping you find freedom from your anxiety and depression, and discover or rediscover your true identity so you can live a more meaningful, fulfilling, inspired life!

We are passionate about facilitating the process of real growth

What will the first counseling session be like?

Identity Counseling Psychology PLLC is a counseling private practice in Ann Arbor, MI offering therapy in specialty areas including anxiety, identity issues, depression, and finding meaning and motivation. The mission of Identity Counseling Psychology is to partner with clients to help them live a more balanced, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

Counseling Specialties at IDENTITY

  • Anxiety
    • I’m having panic attacks and I’m not sure why
    • I never sleep well and I am constantly overwhelmed
    • I constantly worry about something and it’s really impacting my life
    • I feel stressed all the time and I’m just getting burnt out
  • Depression
    • I am chronically unmotivated and can’t figure out why
    • For some reason, I feel like I’m not able to do what I want to do in life
    • My family tells me, “put it in perspective,” but that just makes me feel worse. Don’t they know that I’m trying?
    • My emotions suddenly overtake me and it’s overwhelming and frustrating
  • Identity & Meaning
    • I think I’m coming to terms with who I truly am, & I’m scared
    • My family doesn’t accept me for who I am
    • I have been living a lifeless life for too long and I want to breathe new life into myself
  • ADHD
    • My son (or daughter) can’t focus in school and I’m getting calls daily
    • I can’t focus at work and it’s really impacting my performance
    • My child has behavioral issues that are getting out of control

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What is counseling?

Counseling and psychotherapy are forms of talk therapy that help people in many ways. In counseling, people are often able to build a deeper understanding of who they are and what they experience. Counseling can help with identifying causes for psychological conditions and can help people with methods to cope with distress. Through listening to the mind and body, we can dive deeply into your condition. Since counseling is rooted in a relationship between the psychotherapist and patient, it can serve as a model for what healthy relationships can look like outside of therapy.

Our symptoms are often indicators of our internal condition. 

Listen to the body

Listen to the mind

What are the themes in your relationships?

There are three basic areas that dictate human wellness:

  • The human mind (brain, nervous system, consciousness)
  • The human body (physical health and the body’s response to what it’s exposed to)
  • Human relationships (how we go about relating to others around us)

If we struggle in one of these areas, the other areas are bound to struggle as well. In this way, our mind, body, and relationships are interwoven.

The Bio-Psycho-Social Framework


Your story is made up of your biological, psychological, and social contexts. In counseling, we will work to understand how each of these factors impacts you in positive and negative ways. Through building a deeper understanding of the factors at play, we can work together on a plan to help you feel better and begin to thrive.

How can counseling help me?

Carl Jung said,

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Those who look outside, dream. Those who look inside, awaken.”

Therapy is a process of searching within to awaken to your inner self in new and helpful ways. Counseling is a partnership between the therapist and the client. Through building a working relationship, we will engage in a process of inner self discovery to identify the blocks that are holding you back from doing the things you want to do and feeling the way that you want to feel.

Engaging in the therapeutic process is a lifestyle changing decision. Therapy is an active process through which clients often learn to manage their anxiety, cope with their depression, find their inner motivation again, and learn to face internal demons that have been holding them captive for too long.

Here are some common focuses in therapy:

  • Emotions – Learn to cope with my emotions in healthy ways
  • Anxiety – Learn to employ healthy coping mechanisms
  • Depression – Free myself from chronic unhappiness
  • Relationships – Work through the leftover emotions from a relationship
  • Self-esteem – Learn to listen to and trust myself
  • Identify Blocks – Identify what is holding me back from doing the things that I’ve always wanted to do
  • Trauma – A safe place to explore the mental and physical aspects of difficult experiences

Are you interested in beginning counseling?