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Identity Counseling Psychology is a counseling private practice in Ann Arbor, MI offering therapy in specialty areas including anxiety, identity issues, depression, and finding meaning and motivation. The mission of Identity Counseling Psychology is to partner with clients to help them live a more balanced, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Career Counseling


My passion is to help you…

Manage your anxiety

Discover your true identity

Navigate relationship issues

…so you can live a more meaningful, fulfilling and inspired life!

My passion is to help you…

Develop self-awareness

Transform the relationship with your thoughts and feelings

Learn skills to cope with distress

…so you can grow and achieve your full potential!

My passion is to help you …

Set and achieve goals

Gain greater awareness and understanding

Learn ways to cope with changes and challenges

…so you can lead a more authentic and fulfilling life!


My passion is to help you …

Deepen your relationships

Process past experiences

Explore your challenges and strengths 

…so you can develop a stronger sense of self and find your purpose!


My passion is to help you …

Heal and process difficult life experiences

Gain better awareness of your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

Explore and facilitate change in your life

…so that you can grow and become a happier and more authentic version of yourself!

My passion is to help you …

Talk about things that might be difficult

Develop the tools to cope with strong emotions and life's challenges

Discover your unique strengths 

...So you can feel ready, confident and capable to navigate life's ups and downs!


My passion is to help you …

Cope with stress and anxiety in the best way for you

Learn more and develop compassion for yourself

Explore life changes and transitions

...So you can be live a mindful and compassionate life!

My passion is to help you …

Improve your relationships

Find freedom from addiction

Manage your recovery

…so you restore calm and balance to your life!

My passion is to help you …

Gain awareness of who your true self is

Understand the emotions you are going through

Alleviate distressing emotions with coping skills

…so you can achieve real growth and live a fulfilling life!

My passion is to help you …

Understand and learn from your past

Develop compassion for yourself

Learn to cope with difficult emotions

…so you can gain greater insight and achieve real growth!

My passion is to help you …

Process and transform pain into meaning

Move past traumatic events

Gain tools for self understanding and self-mastery

…so you can overcome your fears and achieve your goals!

My passion is to help you …

Work through mental health blocks

Explore your life experiences

Create strong yet attainable goals

…so that you can improve your overall mental wellness!

My passion is to help you …

Reduce anxiety & depression

Explore important life transitions

Set and achieve your wellness goals

…so that you can reach a state of wellbeing!

My passion is to help you …

Feel safe, seen, heard, and loved 

Find strategies and interventions that work for you to cope effectively

Learn how resilient and strong you are

…so you can accept and love yourself exactly as you are!

My passion is to help you …

Build your self-confidence

Identify and address the root causes of your symptoms

Decrease the frequency and duration of unpleasant emotions

…so you can build a life that brings you happiness!

My passion is to help you …

Gain tools for self-awareness and self-empowerment

Process and move forward from past events

Learn to cope with difficult emotions that you can improve your mental wellness and feel empowered to pursue
your goals!

My passion is to help you …

Face challenging thoughts and emotions

Cope with life transitions and stressors

Understand and embrace values

…so that you can heal and live a fulfilling life!

My passion is to help you …

Process and navigate major life events

Gain tools for coping and self-exploration

Better understand yourself as a human being

…so you can live a life that you are satisfied with!

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