Therapy with Joe:

Are you feeling trapped in a negative situation and don’t know what to do?  Are you having problems with relationships, school or work? Do you want to change your life for the better? My passion is to assist my clients in improving their lives, changing their thought processes and restoring calm and balance to their worlds.

About Joe:

Joe Jaster is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) practicing in Ann Arbor, MI. Joe has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from The University of Detroit, and a Master of Arts in Guidance & Counseling from Oakland University. 

Joe has significant experience counseling adolescents and adults in substance abuse, usage and addiction.  He has a background in both individual and group counseling, and has worked with a diverse clientele of different backgrounds, ages and genders. 

Joe believes that it’s important to focus on the cause of the issues that his clients face, as well as the everyday external complications that impact their lives. Joe sees great value in exploring Relapse, Recovery and Relationships with his clients, which are three major components of substance abuse.  Joe believes in helping his clients work through and remember that addiction affects not only the individual, but also those involved in his or her life.

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