Clinician Interview – Meet Tasha Schultz, LPC

Clinician Interview – Meet Tasha Schultz, LPC

Clinician Interview – Meet Tasha Schultz, LPC

Tasha Schultz LPC

Interview with Tasha Schultz, LPC

Tasha Schultz, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) practicing at our West Location in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Tasha is passionate about working with individuals ages 15 and older, as well as couples, helping her clients with a wide range of mental health concerns. Contact us to schedule an intake appointment with Tasha.

1. What is your specialty?

I have experience with all types of individuals and all types of diagnoses. Although I am competent and capable of working with just about anyone, I find those who are struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, and couples who need to improve their communication skills are where I tend to specialize.

2. What made you want to become a therapist?

I blame my very first college professor. He glorified the psychology field and I fell in love with it. Then I got validated when we had an in class assignment to provide “therapy” and I was called out for my positive interaction with the person and not their diagnosis. I found that I seem to have a real gift for connecting with people and helping them makes my soul happy. I absolutely love what I do.

3. What can clients expect when they first come to therapy? What is a typical therapy session like with you?

When they first come to therapy, clients can expect warm human interaction. I’m quite laid back and easy going. I do my best to make my clients feel comfortable and try to make the experience enjoyable. The first couple of sessions typically include getting to know more about what is going on as well as getting to know my clients more personally so I can better tailor a treatment plan that fits their lifestyle. Though I am active in treatment, I tend to give my clients a large amount of control of the session so that we may address current concerns as well as the circumstances which they came in for.

4. How have you seen therapy benefit your clients?

My clients are very valuable to me and I celebrate any and all progress with them to help keep them motivated. I find that this gives me a front row seat to seeing their progress along their journey. I have seen clients have an overall positive change in mood as well as healthier relationships, better boundaries, and increased self love.

5. What do you think are the most important considerations when looking for a therapist?

It is important for a client to feel comfortable with a clinician. I encourage them to find someone they mesh well with, someone who is going to treat them like an individual and not a statistic, and someone who ultimately they feel comfortable being honest with.

6. What do you hope your clients walk away with?

I hope they walk away with a stronger sense of self and a positive outlook. I hope they walk away thinking that the process has been to their benefit and they have experienced an improvement in whatever the reason was that brought them to therapy to begin with.


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