Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessments

What Is a Psychological Assessment?

Psychological assessment is a process of collecting data to understand a person’s thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. In a psychological assessment, a clinician gives a number of tests to help a person understand which treatments might be best for them. Psychological assessments can also help people understand their academic and work needs.

What Conditions Can Be Diagnosed by a Psychological Assessment?

Psychological assessments often diagnose:

  • ADHD
  • Learning disorders, such as dyslexia
  • Other mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, or trauma-related symptoms

Who Are Psychological Assessments For?

People may find an assessment helpful if…

  • They believe they may have concerns with attention or motivation
  • They struggle to earn the same grades as their peers
  • They may benefit from extra help at school or work
  • They need more information about their mental health symptoms

How Does a Psychological Assessment Work?

An assessment usually takes between 30-60 days to complete. The assessment process has three steps:

  1. Initial meeting: You and the clinician will meet for around an hour to talk about your concerns and what you hope to learn from the tests.
  2. Collecting data: The clinician will give a series of tests that will help them understand your concern. This step takes between four and eight hours, depending on the concern, and typically takes place in two or three appointments. You and your clinician can decide together how to best complete the tests.
  3. Receive results: After the testing is completed, your clinician will write a report summarizing the results. They will explain the results and talk with you about your treatment options, and answer any questions you may have.

Does My Insurance Cover Psychological Assessments?

At IDENTITY, the clinicians who offer psychological assessments accept Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) and Blue Care Network (BCN) insurance plans. Some BCBS and BCN plans cover psychological assessments the same way that they cover regular counseling sessions, but some do not. If this is critical, make sure to check with your insurance company prior to scheduling a psychological assessment.

Below is a list of insurance plans that the therapists who offer psychological assessments accept at IDENTITY. Please note that just because we accept your insurance plan does not mean that you will be fully covered for your psychological assessment. If you have one of the following insurance plans and are interested in a psychological assessment at IDENTITY but need to guarantee that you’ll be covered, you must call your insurance company and ask about your coverage for psychological assessments before inquiring about setting up an assessment at our practice. You will be billed according to your insurance plan’s coverage and benefits at the time of the assessment.

Accepted insurance plans for our psychological assessment team:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO (BCBS PPO)
  • Blue Care Network of Michigan (BCN)
  • U-M Premier Care (BCN)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal

If you want to use your insurance for a psychological assessment at our practice but you are not in-network with us, we can always provide a detailed receipt for you to submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. Some clients are able to get reimbursed 100% and some are not able to get reimbursed at all. If this is critical, we suggest checking your out-of-network and outpatient mental health benefits with your insurance company prior to beginning any psychological assessment sessions. For more information on out-of-network benefits, please see our FAQ page.

How Do I Schedule a Psychological Assessment?

For psychological assessments, we do not have immediate availability. Filling out the contact form below will initiate the process of getting you set up on our psychological assessment waitlist.


Please note: at this time we can only assess clients who are ages 16+.


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