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Samuel Anthony

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At the heart of my mental health counseling process lies a collaborative and client-centered approach, where people are encouraged to to openly share about their struggles and aspirations. Combining empathic listening and evidence-based techniques, I work alongside clients to deepen self-understanding, make movement toward goals, and accept difficult thoughts and emotions so you can get back to living a valued life. I am also passionate about couples work, where I focus on improving communication and promoting harmony in troubled relationships.

About Samuel Anthony

Samuel Anthony is an intern working in Ann Arbor, MI. Samuel has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from The University of Iowa and is working toward a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Eastern Michigan University.

Samuel is driven by his passion for helping people feel heard, supported, and make transformative change in their lives. Samuel primarily works from Acceptance and Commitment, Person-Centered, and Cognitive-Behavioral theoretical frameworks. He believes it is important to accept difficult thoughts and emotions rather than avoid or suppress them. Through techniques like thought defusion and mindfulness, he believes we can reshape the way we experience unwanted thoughts and emotions.

Samuel believes therapy is a collaborative relationship that must be tailored to the individual experience of each client. He strives to create a productive, supportive, nonjudgmental atmosphere in which clients feel heard, supported, and encouraged to connect with their values. Samuel offers both in-person counseling and online counseling for individuals and couples.


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